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AD7DB Reaches A New Low In Ham Radio!





On Wednesday night, March 24th 2004, Dave AD7DB made his attempt for the ongoing "Unusual Check-In Contest."
He went to the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater in Death Valley, California, 282 feet below sea level. He made contact and was relayed into the Calnet weekly net through his brother John N7JY, who was in the San Bernardino area. The relay was done on 3777 KHz SSB. This is part of the recording made by George AC3X. We can safely say that AD7DB reached a new low that night!












I operated on Calnet from aboard the Saturn Lightship around 1300 hrs. PST.  The airship departed from Long Beach airport and flew to the coast where we then turned north and continued to Palos Verdes.  I spoke with around 8 members using my Motorola MTS-2000 on the Santiago Peak repeater.  Iíve attached some photos to accompany my contest entry. 


More information about the aircraft can be found at




Chris Durso, AA4CD




On the right AA4CD, aboard the Saturn Lightship transmitting into the Calnet system somewhere over Southern California. On the left, AA4CD enjoys the view of Rancho Palos Verdes coast line.


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