Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Calnet Repeaters?
Calnet consists of the following Eighteen repeater locations: Sunset Ridge (Pomona), Loop Canyon (Sylmar), Thousand Oaks, Breckenridge Mt. (Bakersfield), Onyx Peak (Big Bear), Meadow Lakes (Fresno), Santiago Peak  (Mission Viejo), Red Mt. (Fallbrook), Palomar Mt. (Escondido), Monument Peak (El Centro), Mt. Otay (San Diego), Knox Landing (Stockton), Crystal Peak (Santa Cruz), Sunol Ridge (Bay Area), Grizzly Peak (San Francisco), Mount Vaca (Sacramento area), Banner Mtn. (Grass Valley) and Diamond Peak (Tahoe area). 

What type of equipment is Calnet using?
Calnet repeater sites are using Link Communications RLC 3, & RLC 4 Repeater Controllers, which allow use of phone patch and our digital voice recording mail system from any of the Calnet repeater sites. We have converted our sites to flat audio across the entire linked Calnet system. Flat audio makes it near impossible to determine where a user is coming into the system. This is possible due to our modified commercial Motorola Mitrek radios. Additionally Calnet is striving to maintain the highest level of RF filtration and signal isolation on our system. We currently have custom built and tuned duplexers by TX/RX and band pass filters by Angle Linear at many of our sites.

Is Calnet a Private system?
We like to refer to our repeater system as a Membership Group. We collect dues from all group members only to assist in paying for repeater site rental and auto-patch phone bills. Financial support from the users makes Calnet a membership group that is looking out for the best interest of the system.

Can I try the system out before joining?
Yes, we encourage prospective members to test the system out, by talking to Calnet Members. This will give you a feel for area coverage and system audio quality. Plus you will get to meet some of the interesting members of Calnet. So spend a few weeks and talk with some of the members to decide if this group suits your needs. Please don't take advantage of the trial period.

Do you have an on the air net I can listen to?
Yes! Please listen on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. and check in after "Newsline" as a guest.


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