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Yes, itís true! The race is on to see who the most loyal, ingenious, clever, and daring Cal-Net member really is. Will it be YOU, or is would your call sign happen to be CH1KEN? J


Seriously now, you got a license to become an "official Ham", didnít you? That means itís not only legal, but expected for you to PLAY! Hereís your chance to show the world just how much Cal-Net members really love to have fun. Details below.


Contest will run until midnight, May 22nd. Two ways to win:


1.      By calling into the Cal-Net system in the most creative way. Did you hear me announce the contest from Idaho? I called KG6FBM (Bernard) from a payphone in a restaurant, while he held his radio up to the phone for me to talk. Payphone >speaker phone>ham radio. You could call in using any FCC legal means available.

2.     By calling in from the most creative/daring place. For example: On Feb. 19th, KG6EVO (Franz) called into the system from the top of the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower (where even cell phones arenít allowed). He used a node to call back into the system. He said his firemenís badge helped out a bit to get the radio up into the tower. J You could call in while skydiving, scuba diving, or whatever.



The ideal time to show us your "stuff" is when you check in during our weekly net. This will impress the rest of us, Iím sure. It will also spur on the competition! If your stunt requires you to call in at another time, by all means, go ahead, but make sure you get people to acknowledge your call and make note of it. The more documentation, the better. (You might even have KG6FBM, our "official Ham Cam" take some photosÖ) Please send a record of :

a.     What you did

b.    Where you did it from, and what time, approx.

c.     Who heard you (best to get them to send a note to me also)



Send all correspondence to .


Winner will be written about in the summer newsletter (hereís your chance for fameÖ), and honored with award (& prizes?) at the annual beach party.


One last comment. N1CY (Hassan) has been heard stating that the "prize is in his pocket". Stay tuned to see if he and his faithful companion F1DO (Cleo) will really be the champions of Calnet!!! J

The great Cal-Net bet is on.


"You donít quit playing because you grow old,

you grow old because you quit playing"

George Bernard Shaw




KC6MYM "mind your manners"

AKA Holly (by golly!)


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