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Thank you for your interest in the Calnet amateur radio repeater system! Currently the system consists of Sixteen repeaters operating in the 440Mhz band.  All repeaters are linked full time with a full duplex linked backbone.  Any of the sites can be controlled from anywhere in the system. Two of the sites have autopatch. Autopatch can be accessed from any one of our repeaters.  Our Onyx, Thousand Oaks, Otay and Bakersfield sites have 2 Meter frequency agile remote bases.  In addition, the Otay site has a 220 and 440 frequency agile remote base while the Bakersfield site has a 10 meter, 6 meter and 440 frequency agile remote base.

Limited Membership Policy

Calnet strives to maintain a quality linked repeater system that is well balanced and not overcrowded.  This ensures everyone an equal opportunity to use the system and communicate with others in a timely fashion.  To achieve this, membership may be limited to a first-come-first-serve basis depending on geographic region.  A statewide linked repeater system such as Calnet means most regions do not have limited membership and enrollment is open.  If by chance you reside in a region with limited membership, a waiting list will exist for that area.  In the rare instances that people have been placed on the waiting list, the waiting period has been less than a couple months.


Membership Dues

Membership dues help to cover Calnet site rental fees and phone patch bills. All repeater equipment is privately owned and paid for by various individuals.  Annual membership dues are $125.00 and are due in July each year. Dues for new members are prorated.  New members joining Calnet between December and May are asked to commit to one full year in addition to the portion of the remaining year. 

If you are interested in membership information please take a second and give us a little information about yourself.  We only use this information to keep track of operators interested in Calnet. After you have submitted this information another page will come up and give you an address where you can mail a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to obtain Calnet repeater locations, frequencies and PL's.


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