The Onyx Installation Crew-
Here is a snapshot of the guys after a hard day of tower and cabinet work. From left to right Colby KC6RJG, Mike KD6UXY, Larry KA6FQN, Doug KO6TX, Cliff KA6JRG, Jeff WA6CEJ, and Steven KY6K.
Onyx Repeater-
Marshall KE6PCV poses with the KE6PCV repeater after installing at Onyx Peak near Big Bear. Inside the cabinet from top to bottom "TX/RX" duplexer local, "Angle Linear" notch filters local, local "Mitrek" transmitter, local "Mitrek" receiver, "Link Comm" RLC-3 controller and DVR, power switching network, "TX/RX" duplexer link, "Angle Linear" notch filters link, Link "Mitrek" transmitter, link "Mitrek" receiver, and 2 back up batteries.
Yagi Work-
John N6NHJ (rear), & Rick K6TVI (front) repair the link yagi at Breckenridge Mountain which is near Bakersfield at 7,500 feet.
Repeater upstairs-
Gerry KB6OOC(right), Rick K6TVI (middle), & Marshall KE6PCV(hiding in the rear) hoist the repeater cabinet upstairs at the Breckenridge site. The Breckenridge repeater extends Calnet South's coverage from the southern end of Bakersfield north to Fresno.
On the tower-
Doug KO6TX (left), & Mike KD6UXY (right) spend most of the day at 9,100 feet atop the Onyx Peak tower. Onyx uses a Hustler 9db. groundplane for the local port and link traffic flows down a 6 element commercial yagi.

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