"Four Sites In Four Days"

Meadow Lakes



Another shot of the Meadow Lakes site facing southwest.


Tower for the Meadow Lakes site.


Meadow Lakes tower. (Notice the antennas on the top of the tower, these are TV station antennas)


Looking straight up the tower. If you look just below the microwave dish on the right you can see our link yagi that points south to Breckenridge.  (Notice the 2 1/2 inch diameter heliax that carries the signal up the the TV antenna on the top of the tower.)


Picture of the center of the tower at Meadow Lakes. (Notice the 3 inch cooper feed line for one of the TV Transmitters.)


This sign is at the base of the tower at Meadow likes where our Calnet antennas are installed on. (Hmmm???  Maybe we shouldn't be climbing around on this tower?)


On the 60 foot level of the tower looking down. (Nice shoes!)


View to the west towards the city of Fresno on the 60 foot level of the tower where all the Calnet antennas are installed. (You can't see Fresno because of the smog)


This is the north link yagi antenna on the tower pointing northwest towards Stockton. (Creative photography??)


Another shot of the north link yagi from a different angle.


The Meadow Lakes repeater antenna on the tower at the 60 foot level.


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