View of the front of the Calnet Sunset Ridge Repeater Rack.
The Los Angeles IRLP Node ties into to this repeater.


This is a back view of the rack.  From top to bottom. The UAB box (Universal Audio Boards).
Link Communication RLC-3 Control system.  Astron RM-60 power supply.


This is a picture of the battery backup panel. Built by Brad Hori KB6H. This panel takes DC power from the 
Astron power supply and charges the backup batteries.  


This is a photo of the tower at Sunset Ridge. This site uses two separate antennas.
One antenna for receive and one for transmit. Our receive antenna is at the very top of 
the tower and the transmit antenna is down on the lower level.


View facing southwest form the top of the building at Sunset Ridge.




This is the base of the tower at Sunset facing northeast towards Blue Ridge as seen in the background.
Notice the site backup generator.



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