View of the front of the Los Angeles IRLP Node.



View from the back of the Los Angeles IRLP Node.



This is a close up photo of the IRLP switching board made by Dave Cameron (VE7LTD).
This board tells the computer when the receiver is active and also sends logic to the 
transmitter to key up when traffic comes from the internet.




This is a squelch, COR and PL signaling board that I used to interface the Motorola 
Mitrek radio to the IRLP board in the above picture.

NOTE: This board sends the proper signals from the Mitrek radio to the IRLP board and
uses a Motorola Micor squelch board for the IRLP link receiver. 



A close-up photo of the modified Mitrek radio in the rack that connects IRLP to the Calnet system.



Marshall (KE6PCV) standing next to the IRLP Los Angeles Node.



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