WD6A Brian K. Gardner - In the interest of Ham Radio, I have lost, and continue to lose control in buying ham gear.  In this great sacrifice, I acquire some of the latest stuff so that fellow hams might hear first hand my experiences before they themselves, jump into the wonderful world of "No Control".  Some of these 'acquired' radios include:  FT-1000MP MK-V, Kenwood TS 2000, Icom 706KIIG, Kenwood TM-231 220, Kenwood TH-F6A's, Motorola Astro Saber III HT, Kenwood TH-D7A  (G),  Yaesu VX7, Yaesu VX-5R's, Yaesu 530 HT's, Yaesu VX-1's, Alnico 220 HT,  Pryme 220 HT, Credit Card 2m 440 HT's, ADI 220's etc..  I'm a Mastering Engineer in the recording business and will someday write a book on the experiences I have had in this crazy biz.  Interests other than ham radio include Video, Music, Computers, Astronomy, The Lakers (YES!), and sometimes Vegas.  I have four children and enjoy my Alaskan Malamute.  Send me email brian@thelakers.com, and say hi and visit my web page at http://bigbassbrian.com.

K6TVI Rick Edwards- I've had my Technician Class license for roughly 9 years. I live in Seal Beach with my wife Debbie, my 14 year old son Richard, my 13 year old son Adam, and two dogs, Ms. Broccoli, a miniature Schnauzer, and Rambo, a Border Collie. I work in the engineering and production end of broadcast television and have been doing so for over 25 years. My interests are Amateur Radio with Kenwood TM-742 (mobile) radios and assorted Yaesu, Kenwood, and Icom HTs. I enjoy APRS (packet) operations too. Other interests are dirt-biking, snow skiing and sleeping. Since I have long commutes and work free-lance. you can catch me on Calnet at various times during the day and evening.

KA6JRG Cliff Yamamoto- I've been a licensed ham since 1981 but have only been actively involved in the hobby since 1990. I live with my wife Donna in the city of Torrance which is a suburb near the beach cities surrounded by Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes. I am the Motorola-junkie here on Calnet and mainly use Motorola portables and mobiles (Astros, MTS2000, MCS2000, Sabers, Visar, Syntor X9000, Spectras, Maxtrac, Mitreks) as well as a Yaesu VX-5R and Radio Shack PRO-2004/PRO-43 scanners. I'm on the technical committee for Calnet and design/assemble/install a good portion of the system with KB6OOC and KE6PCV. Send me some email if you'd like to know more details about Calnet or just want to chat about commercial gear, scanning, etc.

K6DJR Dan Ryan- a native of Massachusetts, has been involved in Amateur Radio off and on since the 1970’s.Both an Amateur Extra and General Radio Telephone License holder. Dan owns the newest Cal-Net repeater, located in the Berkeley Hills (Oakland), and is an active member of the SF Bay Area Technical team. In addition to repeater work, Dan has interests in HF, digital modes, 802.11 wireless (long distance) deployment, and electronics design and repair.   Career-wise he has been involved in numerous technical and management positions in the software industry since 1979. Dan started his career as a telecommunications technician with ADP Network Services, and joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983; in 1994 Dan moved to California and joined Oracle Corporation. Starting in 2000 Dan left Oracle and was involved with two startup ventures, both culminating in successful “A” series venture funding.  Dan has since started NOSI Integrators, his own consulting company, which focuses on solving small business computer integration issues, and provides value-added reselling of computer hardware.

KB6H Brad Hori- I was licensed in 1978 as a technician class. I operated CW on the HF bands and also 2 meter FM and SSB. Now days I'm more into the technical part of radio, building, experimenting Etc.  I was a member of the PCC Radio Club when it merged with the NBC repeater group now known as Cal-Net.  I now live in Monrovia after living in Altadena for 30 years. My home has a dedicated radio room although it has recently been taken over by my 4 Chinchillas, but they don't seem to mind (the Chinchillas, not the radios!)  So most of my free time goes towards playing with the kids (Chins) and working on the house, cars, motorcycles, bikes, well you get the picture! Ohand don't forget the piano lessons! Getting back to radios, I have been giving test (VE) for 13 years, recently retired from that, I hope, and have been active in the Pasadena Radio Club for the last 20 years. I received my Extra license in 1986, before that I was WD6FWR, N6BFK and WU6H. So now I have a vanity call of my initials.  My other radio interest are, packet, satellites, everything from DC to 1.2ghz except for 6 meters and 900 Mhz.  I work at AeroVironment in Monrovia, a whole .71 miles from the house. I ride one of our electric bicycles to work everyday.  I work as a electronic tech and machinist/welder/fabricator/gofer, whatever...  Look for AeroVironment on the web at www.aerovironment.com or www.charger.com.  My other interest are, hiking, biking, juggling, music, home projects, unicycling, sport cars (Ferrari Dino, sold), turbo charged Toyota truck@ 220 hp, electric cars (will be building a Lamborghini Diablo electric soon), lasers, I have a 50 watt CO2 laser in the garage, high voltage Van DeGraaff generator 14" and a 24 inch @ 1 million volts, Tesla coils, 1/4 million volts (so far), Halloween (talking skeleton, fire and smoke breathing dragon and a thousand other things.

KB6OOC Gerry Walsh- I've had my amateur radio license for almost 11 years (10 of that with a general class license). I live in the city of Alhambra and I'm finishing up my MSEE studies at Cal Poly Pomona. Just about the only time I am away from a radio is while I am at work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I am in the Ground Communications Section of the Deep Space Network.  Free time is rare for everyone these days. When some of it becomes available I like working on new projects for Calnet (somehow I've managed to become the Technical Director - never complain about stuff or this will happen to you!). Otherwise I enjoy hiking, camping, traveling, etc. 

KC6HUR Randy Hammock- While I've been a Tech+ since 1990, my ham radio days started back in 1971 when I got my Novice call WN4IVV. I did not upgrade in the required year, so lost the license. What got me started was reading 73 Magazine which I bought at the local pharmacy. Saw an ad from International Crystal advertising assorted RF module kits. I bought an RF amplifier, a crystal oscillator and a mixer. Put them together and had myself a 2 Meter to FM Broadcast Band downconverter. Tuned around and heard a couple of guys talking. One of the guys was John, WB4KIT and the other was named Paul. I played a hunch and called Paul Chornikee on the phone, remembering that one of the girls in my 6th grade class had a dad who was a ham. He was totally surprised that I had heard him and had been able to ferret out the correct person on the first try and amazed at the rig I had used to hear them. Paul drove me over to see John, who is disabled, and we really hit it off. A month later, I took and passed my Novice test, given by John. Would you believe, when I got my license back in 1990, John gave me the test again! I traveled back home to Virginia for Thanksgiving, studied the code for one week by listening to code tape everywhere I drove. The night before I flew back to Los Angeles, John gave me the code and written test for the Novice which I passed handily. I upgraded shortly after that to Technician which is where I have been quite happy to stay (incentive licensing only works if there is incentive and I have about zero interest in HF).

I like to think of myself as "a jack of all trades, master of the universe". I keep myself busy with work, ham radio, computers and my horse. I have enjoyed bicycle riding (street and mountain), scuba diving (NAUI certified), sky diving, photography, hi-fi stereo, camping, flying, sports cars and more. I have worked as broadcast engineer and chief cook and bottle washer in the cable local origination studio while I was attending high school. While working as an electronics technician at GE, I served with the volunteer Rescue Squad as an EMT, Advanced First Aid Instructor, CPR Instructor, underwater search and recovery, first aid competition team and more. After working a few years in Newport News, VA, I came to work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I have worked as a programmer cum software engineer since 1983 (except for the year and a half I was in Maryland working at the Goddard Space Flight Center).

Those of you who hear me on the system know that I spend a lot of time with my horses; hence, my call "KC6 Horse Under Rider". I've had one horse for a number of years and just recently acquired another. The older horse Sierra is getting close to retirement, so I picked-up a younger guy to start working with before Sierra gets too old. The new horse is called Red and is turning out to be a very nice trail companion. Visit my personal home page which is not much in and of itself but does have links to the web sites I maintain for my various riding clubs in Maryland and California. You can e-mail me, too.

KE6PCV Marshall Oldham- I have been in Ham Radio for over 15 years now. I live in the city of Corona with my wife Daina (KF6CGH) and my 17 year old daughter Shelby, my 14 year old daughter Ashley and my 9 year old daughter Kylie.  I currently work for the Los Angeles County Fire Department as a Fire Captain in the City of Santa Clarita at fire station 126.  On my days off from work some of my interests and hobbies include: APRS,  repeater construction, solar power, talking on the Calnet system (of course!), Computers, Scanning, Water Skiing and Snow Skiing. Here is a list of some of the ham and electronic gear that I use, Kenwood TM-742, TM 541a, KPC-3,  Motorola UHF Mitreks, Motorola Astro Saber III HT, Motorola test set, IFR 1500, Yaesu VX-5, Icom PRC-1000 computer controlled scanner and Radio Shack Pro 2005 scanner. I also enjoy goofing off with Linux and the Internet Radio Linking Project, App_rpt and Allstarlink. I am also on the technical committee for Calnet Repeater Group, so if you have any questions regarding how the repeater system works just drop me email with your questions, 73 Marshall

KE6HRV Bill Lovelace- Hello, I've been a licensed ham since 1994 and I have been a Calnet member for several years.  I have met so many great people on the network. I live in the city of Buena Park where I own and operate an I.R.L.P. simplex node #3745 on 144.480. I have been working as a Wedding Entertainment Director since 1985. I help brides and grooms create fun, personal and memorable wedding receptions. Go to my website to find out more: http://www.billlovelace.com.
I also enjoy volunteering for the Long Beach Police Officers' Association's Honorary Executive Committee. We are a group involved in numerous fund raisers and other functions throughout the year that benefit various charities. Through contributions of time and money, Honoraries play a very important role in many worthy projects, which benefit both the law enforcement officers and their families in time of need. http://www.lbpoa.org/honorary.htm

KF6CGH Daina Oldham- Hello, I have been a ham for just over six  years now. I live in Corona with my Husband  Marshall (KE6PCV) and my daughter Shelby, Ashley and Kylie.  I currently keep busy chasing my three daughters around, and working as a hair stylist. In my spare time.   I enjoy water-skiing, snow skiing, jogging, aerobics and talking on the radio to and from work to break up the drive.

K6VAJ Anthony Jones - I'm a 40 years old and have been a ham radio operator since 1993.  I upgraded to Advanced Class in 1995 and enjoy listening and talking to Calnet members on my way to work and while hanging out with the kids on the weekend.  I come from a long line of hams as my grandfather N6DRU and uncle N5PP have been licensed a combined total of over 100 years.  I am a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and work in the Central Justice Center in downtown Santa Ana.  My hobbies include camping and mountain climbing.  I recently climbed Mt. Whitney  (14,497 feet) and tested the Calnet system from the top.  I live in Temecula, California with my lovely wife Dana and daughters Katie 11yrs, Lindsey 8yrs and our barking dog, "Willy."  I use a Yaesu VX-5R HT, Yaesu FT2200 2M mobile and have an older Yaesu FT901DM HF rig given to me by my grandfather.  I also enjoy scanning the local police and fire frequencies with my Uniden scanner.  

KY6K Stephen Lui- KY6K Stephen Lui- I've been licensed since 1996 and hold an Amateur Extra class license. I didn't earn my ticket until I heard about the No-Code Tech license, although I read ARRL Handbooks as a kid. I then practiced for 6 months using CodeQuick to pass my 20WPM code test and earn my Extra. My radio interests include UHF repeaters, license exams (ARRL VE) and monitoring public safety radio traffic. I am in the process of building a 33cm repeater system (900 MHz) using Motorola commercial radios and want get back into HF as soon as I have the time. My other interests include tennis (USTA 4.5), Scuba Diving (PADI DM-90073), biking (down Mammoth Mountain!), golf (broke 100!), cars (been seen driving unsanely fast at Willow Springs!), RC models (wife made me get rid of the real car), computers (got a Mac and 2 PC's!), and music (several keyboards, a piano, a bass and acoustic guitar). You'll hear me talking on my Motorola mobile in my Chevy Tahoe during commute times if I'm not scanning public safety agencies. Oh yeah, I work as a IT Director on Oracle Financial systems at Warner Music Group in Burbank and I live in Arcadia. Send me some email if you have any questions!

N6BLA Chuck Bonasera- Way up here in Northern California is the Stockton repeater. It's my home base and my passion for the last fifteen or so years. It serves as the hub for all linking up here and is a real hand full. I was also one of the original members at the time of the first Calnet Group merger. Other hobbies besides Amateur Radio include Water Skiing, Camping, and restoring and driving old Muscle Cars from the 60s and 70s. I hold a General class license and a General Radio Telephone license. My mother always said I would blow something up. It's good to see that I haven't let her down. My email address is email.

N6NHJ John Grimaldi- I have been a ham radio operator for 24 years, and currently hold a General class license.  I live in the city of Newbury Park, in Ventura County, with my wife Michele (N6TFG), and my daughter Meaghan (18).  I work for the Manhattan Beach Fire Department as a Fire Captain / Paramedic.  I have been a firefighter for 24 years, and a LA County certified Paramedic for over 27 years.  I am the owner of the Thousand Oaks repeater of the Calnet link system.  My radio interests are primarily with 2 meter, 220, 440 voice communications, as well as APRS.  Occasionally, I enjoy getting on HF, but rarely have the time, and I am a "scanner head" the rest of the time.  Besides radio, my other hobbies include: water skiing, snow skiing, camping, mountain biking, and best of all, playing the banjo and guitar (bluegrass music).  The radio equipment that I own is primarily Kenwood and Alinco mobiles, and Yaseu HT's.  If you have any questions, particularly about the Thousand Oaks machine, or it's coverage area, please send me some email.

W6LAR Larry Anderson- I've been licensed for about 17 years and hold an Advanced class license. My interests in radio include the HF bands, VHF and UHF. I am currently expanding my knowledge of 6 meters. I particularly enjoy the "digital" modes and run a PK900 for Amtor/Pactor/Packet/RTTY. My QTH is in Yucaipa at 2850 ft. elevation. The antenna farm consists of two towers. One 40 ft. holds a dual band two element delta loop for 10/6M. It also supports a 40/15M slightly inverted dipole. The other 55 ft. tower currently has only a 6M J-pole at the top and is the center support for a 20M dipole, 80M dipole and 160M end fed Marconi. It also holds a 2M ringo and a dual band 2m/440 yagi. After retiring from 32 years at GTE I now work as a Communications Tech II, Microwave Transport for the County of San Bernardino. Aside from the radio stuff I enjoy my family and especially my wife Helen, KF6CHG. Drop me an email and say Hello.

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