Calnet IRLP System Information


IRLP stands for the Internet Radio Linking Project. The goal of this project is to link radio systems separated by long distance without the use of expensive leased lines, satellites, or controllers.

Calnet is one of the few linked repeater systems in California to have integrated the Internet Radio Linking Project in its system. With this capability, there is no limit to where system members on Calnet can link to. Around the world or other countries. IRLP is just the first step in bringing network and Voice-over-IP technologies to ham radio. IRLP uses Voice-Over-IP software and the power of the Internet to link Calnet to the world.

You can experience the IRLP for yourself by monitoring the Calnet system on a regular basis.  System members are able to use their DTMF keypad and function IRLP to make calls to over 1539 locations around the world. These other stations sound just like they are sitting next to you.

Calnet Los Angeles Node

IRLP Node IN SERVICE: Since October 20, 2000

Calnet Repeater Group
Location: Pomona, California
Elevation: 5,200' 
Frequency: 447.720 (-) MHz  PL 100.0Hz

Marshall Oldham KE6PCV
Location: Corona, California

Technical Details:

Computer:   Intel Pentium II 233Mhz, 64 Megabytes RAM, 1.6 Gig Western Digital HD,  Intel EtherExpress Pro/100+ Ethernet, Sound Blaster AWE 64 and the Linux Red Hat 7.3 OS. Internet connection is through DSL. 

IRLP Node Link Equipment: Motorola Mitrek Radio interfaced with a Micor Squelch Board, Astron RM-35M and a 10 dB Antenex yagi located in Corona. This Node Connects IRLP to the Calnet system via a 420MHz link pair to one of  the Calnet repeater sites located north of Pomona on Sunset Ridge at 5200' elevation.

Repeater Equipment : The Sunset repeater site is using a Link Communications RLC-3 repeater controller, Modified Motorola  Mitrek radios for receive and transmit and Angle Linear  pre-amps. Output Power is 40 watts to a 10 dB Sinclair station master.

Additional Photos:
   IRLP Node Equipment Photos

                                 Sunset Ridge Repeater Photos 

Calnet System Coverage : Calnet repeaters provide mostly continuous full duplex mobile radio coverage extending from as far North as San Francisco, to as far East as the 29 Palms area, West to Oxnard, and South to San Diego and across the Mexican boarder.  The Calnet system utilizes several high altitude repeater sites to cover a wide area over these regions.  Unless maintenance work is being performed on any given repeater, all repeater sites are normally linked together full time..