Calnet maintains an APRS digipeater in California. It uses a Kantronics KPC-3 TNC.

The Onyx Peak digipeater recognizes the new WIDEn-N paradigm unproto paths.

 The digipeater location is:

Onyx Peak, CA (9114' AMSL) - K6TVI-1 Maps of Onyx Peak, CA     Weather at Onyx Peak, CA

Many of our Calnet Members are active APRS users. They are:

               Rick - K6TVI                                  John - N6NHJ                             Gil - KC6BLF

Rick's trackers and weather stations                          John's trackers                                         Gil's trackers


                      Randy - KC6HUR

                   Randy's Truck


                   Gerry - KB6OOC                                   Dana - W6DBM                      

                       Gerry's APRS stations                                       Dana's various trackers


Search for any APRS station by callsign, zipcode, lat/lon, or weather:

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APRS informational Web Pages

Southern California APRS Guidelines

Wes Johnston's Excellent APRS Info Web Page

A Very Questionable Page

Southern California APRS iGate and APRS server


Latest APRS Software from the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group

TAPR Software and Special Interest Groups


 If you have any questions or requests for information or would like to just communicate with someone regarding our APRS digipeaters please contact: Rick Edwards at

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